The Research Results of Anti-Aging and Longevity


For a long time, scientists and biologists around the globe have been studying and finding medicinal ways to add more years in human lifespan and improve longevity. Everyone has the desire to turn back the biological clock and live for a longer period with enhanced agility and endurance. For this purpose, the process of aging has been studied with concentrated efforts. The result of these efforts have been revealed in 4 anti-aging supplements which are also made available in market. These supplements were tested on mice and they effectively reduced the aging symptoms and diseases. By the help of these supplements, the mice had an increase of 15-20% in the lifespan which is an excellent result. Biogerontologists are determined that these supplements which were used in the lab trials will work on humans as well. In order to know more about these Alivebyscience longevity supplements, visit the link.


Anti-Aging drugs

Till date, 4 longevity medicines have been emerged to have the maximum benefits. They are listed as:

1-  Rapamycin

This is an experimental chemical which prevents the growth of cancer and tumors in patients. However, it was given to the laboratory mice very recently in a research in order to know if it had any anti-aging characteristics. Surprisingly, an increase of 20% in the lifespan of mice of both genders was observed. It is a curiosity for scientists if Rapamycin can have the same positive results in humans. But it is a definite fact that this drug can prevent age-related diseases as well which is also helpful for elderly patients. A recent study revealed that when old people were given Rapamycin, they developed a stronger immune system and did not catch cold or flu. However, the potential of Rapamycin in treating the physiological health decline that comes with age is still unknown.


2-  Acarbose

This drug is famous in various countries for curing diabetes but recently, in several lab trials it was revealed to have strong anti-aging properties as well. The experiments conducted on mice have shown that the male mice had an increase of 22% in the lifespan. As for the female mice, a similar positive result of 5 to 10% was observed. These results were very promising and researchers have green lighted drugs based on this chemical for administration on old people.



3-  17-alpha-estradiol

This is another promising longevity drug which is actually a chemical variant of the Estrogen hormone (17-beta-estradiol). In male mice, the lifespan was increased by 15 to 18% after consuming this drug. However, no similar benefit was indicated in the female mice.


In conclusion

These developments regarding anti-aging research and laboratory tests on mice has determined that the future is bright. Very soon, old people will be able to consume these longevity supplements to increase their lifespans. Moreover, science will continue to discover more about other substances and medicines for reverse aging.

These scientific studies have helped eliminating doubts and misconceptions which we previously had regarding the probability of longevity. These fruitful discoveries and findings have changed the concept of aging. Soon people will be able to go through the phase of old age life without facing dangerous symptoms.